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Model UN Weekend Food Review Series: Jason’s Deli

Last Friday, my Model UN team took a trip to UGA’s Model United Nation’s Conference. Thanks to someone’s 3G hotspot, we enjoyed internet access on the bus, and during a pit-stop at some mall complex I walked to Jason’s Deli with some fellow delegates. It was a quaint but spacious establishment; their menu choices were pretty standard: you had a choice of the beef, turkey, ham, and bacon. Feeling particularly hungry after the long bus ride (a forgotten victim of the bus’s no eating rule) I ordered what seemed their “beefiest” sandwich, Reuben The Great.

I thought the wait was too long, but my opinion may have been skewed by my howling appetite. Their bread wasn’t especially large, but there was a HUGE amount of beef and cabbage between the slices. The serving of beef was extremely generous, but it’s not all about quantity; the pastrami was tasty. It had a tangy feel that was overwhelmingly satisfying when paired with sauerkraut.

The meal came with chips too, but after helping other people tackle their sandwiches, I couldn’t finish my chips 😦  However, a great perk of Jason’s Deli is the FREE ice cream. The ice cream isn’t as sweet as I’d like, but it’s refreshing after a hefty sandwich. It’s nothing like Sweet Tomatoes, but it’s pretty damn good for the price of free.

The prices are a bit high when you think about how much a foot-long sub costs at Kroger, but the taste probably trumps your supermarket deli. The Reuben Sandwich was 7.79, which is a bit more expensive than the other sandwiches, which cost closer to $7, but to me it is worth the extra 79 cents.

I was pretty satisfied with my meal; it lasted me all the way through Friday’s Model UN Conference. Of course I munched on some snacks afterwards in the hotel, but most of you should find the compression ratio of their tightly packed sandwiches quite agreeable.

Due to time restraints, I didn’t go to the steakhouse that I wanted to try, but Jason’s turned out to be a worthy alternative. The meat was hot and savory, and it came in great amounts. If you’re hungering for a quality sandwich that fills your stomach, give Jason’s Deli a try. (There’s even the added bonus of free ice cream for dessert: what’s not to like?)

Reuben the Great -$7.79


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