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Noodles Review: Pho Bac

Om, nom, nom: Asian time. Today we’ll be looking at an unlikely spot: Pho Bac doesn’t look like much. Asian restaurants can be pretty different place to place: some are palace parodies, and others keep masking tape on the windows to cover the bullet-holes from last night’s shootout. Pho bac’s a decently-sized restaurant. Spacious. Not as decorated as some, but you’re here to devour food, not look at pictures! You can’t eat those, can you? Not to mention those racist prints get old.

And thanks to Jason Yu’s family for bringing me here. ūüôā

Jack, Elwin, and I pretty much ordered the same thing, pho. (a note for French readers: The food is real. Pho does not mean fake in Asia.) It’s¬†a¬†Vietnamese¬†shop, so what better than pho?

It comes in 3 sizes. Small is for the weak and spendthrifts. None of us got that. I secured a large bowl of floury goodness for myself, but Jack and Elwin got mediums. The bowls were quite big. My bowl looked like you could fit a frizzed afro in it, pick and all.

Pho Bac has all kinds of interesting meats to¬†spruce¬†up your slurping experience: small cuts of steak, flank, brisket, and tripe are available. For a noodle dish, the the additional meat’s quite generous. Every mouthful was spiced with variety. Whatever else they put in that pho, it tasted great. From the soup on up, everything tasted right, no other way to explain it. The delectable soup under the noodles is a mixture of everything that has been added to the dish: spices and vegetables that I didn’t bother to identify. But it all tasted good. Rather than a painful mix of flavors, the resulting noodles are both coherently and evenly flavored. Each bite was¬†consistently delicious.

Although the bowl is mostly soup, you get your money’s worth. For $8.75 you get a huge, quality bowl of pho. Or, if you’re feeling less capable, a medium bowl’s $7.25. I’d upgrade pho sho, but you can gauge for yourself. Don’t get full on noodles first: the soup is supremely good.

As I said above, a large portion of this experience is soup. All soup is great and filling, but these feelings never last. Thankfully, at least after a large bowl, the meat and noodles lasted me into the night without a problem. The compression-ratio is poor but the quantity is there.

Want noodles? Know Buford Highway? Willing to go there? Go give Pho Bac a try. Give your mouth some new respect for simple noodle dishes. Once you’ve been, you’ll keep going Bac.

“It was a good, standard pho” – Elwin Martin
“It’s a pretty standard place to deliciously satisfy your random pho cravings” – Jason Yu
“This is good” – Jack Liu


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