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Dessert Review: Coldstone Creamery

We promised more dessert reviews! The next one up is Coldstone Creamery.

The last dessert post reviewed Yogli Mogli, a great frozen yogurt shop that provides a large variety of yogurt and toppings so that anyone can find what they like. How does Coldstone stack up to this light yogurt option? Continue on, brave reader.


Coldstone serves legit 100% ice-cream. When you forget about the measly selection of low fat and frozen yogurt flavors, you are left with 100% no frills ice cream with nothing missing. Depending on your opinion, this can be a good or bad thing, for reasons explained later. The one huge advantage is the taste and texture of the ice cream at Coldstone. Yogurt can’t really compare to the super creamy ice cream served at Coldstone.

Coldstone doesn’t skimp on the flavor selection either. While it’s not as flexible as Yogli Mogli, where you serve your own yogurt, there are enough flavors at Coldstone for everyone to find something they like, including Vanilla, Cake Batter, Chocolate, Oreo Creme, Coffee etc. There really is no flavor that I miss at Coldstone.

Flavor Selection at Coldstone

But, as with all dessert places, ice-cream is only half the story. Coldstone gets its name from the cold, granite slab that they use to mix your ice cream with various toppings. Again, the variety here is great with various candies and sauces. One negative point is the fruit, which is not fresh but rather frozen. It ends up being quite icy in your ice-cream and takes away from the creaminess that is expected. Once you choose your toppings, the servers really do mix in the toppings in a way that no other ice-cream establishment does. The result is a uniformly mixed ice-cream dish that is uniquely yours.

You can make your own ice-cream at Coldstone, or you can try one of their “Signature Creations,” which are custom sundaes that you can order off of a menu. The creations cover many tastes and incorporate almost every topping and ice-cream flavor, so, again, everyone can find something.

Signature Creations

The use of 100% ice-cream at Coldstone combined with the wide selection of toppings makes for a very tasty frozen treat. Its hard to complain.


However, the use of real ice-cream has a negative that you only realize when you are finished: Coldstone is EXTREMELY rich ice-cream. Like mind-blowingly. A medium ice-cream (called the “Love-It” size) will fill up even the biggest eaters. I’m pretty sure the large size (“Gotta Have It”) is only for sharers because I can’t fathom how one person would eat all that ice-cream. The compression-ratio on this one is fantastic, just don’t order too much or you won’t be able to finish.

You, after a visit to Coldstone


Ice-cream prices don’t include mix-ins, which are extra, so take care when ordering a huge creation here. The ice-cream is definitely more on the expensive side at Coldstone. A medium with two mix-ins will run you about $5.00 and the price goes up with all the waffle-cones/chocolate cones etc. For comparison, $5.00 at Yogli Mogli will buy you more yogurt than you would get ice-cream at Coldstone, by far.

The prices at Coldstone definitely eliminate it as a common stop for ice-cream. Soon, you’ll be living on the street.


It all depends on what you want. I personally have to give the edge to Yogli Mogli. While yogurt can’t hold a candle to ice-cream, its cheaper, its¬†customize-able, and its significantly lighter. Where Coldstone might leave you feeling bloated, Yogli Mogli is light enough to tie off your meal instead of being your meal.

But, if you are a big eater, don’t mind the extra money, and can’t get enough of creamy ice-cream, Coldstone is your best bet. Just make sure you have enough room in your belly before going.



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  1. jswan
    June 26, 2012

    Give the belly a pat?! that’s hilarious! here’s a comment acknowledging that ;D

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