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Food Review: Heirloom BBQ

Today I rolled out with my fellow Autobots (Alex, Bennett, Davis, and Elijah) to the wee joint known as Heirloom BBQ. (That’s air-loom, not hair-loom.) I say wee because the place is small. There’s barely room for the table and bar pictured below. Since there was no room inside, we ate at a long table outside. No chairs were provided, and the table was standing height, so you’ll want to get this to-go.

That’s all folks!

Everyone ordered a pulled pork sandwich except Elijah, who ordered a Korean BBQ sandwich which he said tastes like “Korean barbecue with barbecue sauce on it.” My sandwich was pretty good; it had that authentic barbecue taste. I also got a side of Brunswick stew, which is basically barbecue chili with some pork in it. The chili could have been better, but its taste was unique (perhaps because of the restaurant’s cross-cultural BBQ pairing?). I used the Carolina sauce, which was vinegar-y, but not as spicy as it is some places. I liked it. The sandwich was delicious, if uninspiring. It’s what you expect when you ask for BBQ: perfect execution of a popular dish.

Om Nom Nom

It costs about $6.50 for a pulled pork sandwich and a side. Not too bad considering the meat’s high quality.

Though the sandwich isn’t very big, the compression-ratio is high. They put a decent amount of pork on the sandwiches, so you won’t go hungry.

As I said before, this is a pretty good place to quench a barbecue craving. It’s nothing out of this world, just great tasting barbecue. I recommend take-out because there’s not much room inside. Also, be careful parking. The Middle Eastern guy who runs the adjacent gas station is a bit paranoid that people are trying to steal his signs that say NO PARKING FOR BBQ.

Pulled Pork Sandwich – $6.50
Brisket – $7

Alex- “Good BBQ, but not worth it for me considering we have BBQ-1 next door”

Bennett – “Classic hole-in-the-wall setup. Probably the only barbecue place with an Asian counter-girl.”



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