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The Truth About Yuchen

Yuchen is too humble to write about himself. He has a ghostwriter because all who study him kill themselves trying to be like him. They cannot work to be like him because he achieved enlightenment effortlessly.

Yuchen was born a Junior in high school. He forgets his past for this reason and tells inconsistent tales. He saw the Truth when he first opened his eyes and he became a living lesson to the world.

Yuchen is a skilled dancer. He goes clubbing in downtown Atlanta where he is known for his slick moves and sharp dress. He spent three months on the professional ballroom circuit.

Yuchen is Chinese and his skin blazes with cultural effulgence. He speaks Chinese in the same tone he speaks English because he always speaks Truthfully.

Yuchen is large because his greatness can barely be contained. He eats often to maintain his weight so he won’t shock women with a super-human greatness density.

Yuchen is a food expert. He believes eating well is essential to living well. Logicians have confirmed his claim with syllogisms, the most common of which is

  1. Yuchen eats well.
  2. Everything Yuchen does is part of his program of good living.
  • Therefore, eating well is a component of good living.

Yuchen shares his wisdom. Many of his enlightened experiences are chronicled here.


One comment on “The Truth About Yuchen

  1. Alex Bettadapur
    July 10, 2012

    This is a comment from the brand new Belly of Authority app for Windows 8! Coming soon

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