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Smoothies: Robeks

It has been about 100 degrees lately in Atlanta. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that people are melting in the streets because it is so hot. Luckily, there are ways to beat the heat. One such way is through frozen drinks.

I already reviewed Yogli Mogli and Coldstone Creamery and both are great ways to compensate for the extreme temperatures we’ve been experiencing. But sometimes, you want something different, fruity, healthy maybe? Wait! A smoothie fits the bill. And Robeks is the place to get one.


The menu at Robeks has a huge variety of drinks. First you have the berry smoothies, which include ingredients like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and even bananas. Anyone looking for a more traditional, tangy tasting smoothie will be right at home with this selection of drinks. Then, the tropical smoothies, which branch out with mangoes, guavas, papayas and pineapples. Finally, there is an exotic blends section of the menu, which includes acai berries and pomegranate. There is no flavor left untouched by the Robek’s menu and everyone will find something they like.

The Raspberry Romance smoothie.

It doesn’t end with flavors. For the more healthy minded, Robeks offers various shots of nutritional supplements that you can add to your smoothie. Need more protien? Ask for a protein shot to be included in your smoothie. Robeks offers energizers, fiber supplements, cardiovascular supplements. The list goes on. For those concerned about their health, the selection of supplements is a big bonus.

Variety is good, but quality is more important, and Robeks doesn’t disappoint.  All the juice is freshly squeezed. All the berries are actually berries, not syrups like at some smoothie places. The yogurt is creamy, and the sherbet is fresh. The use of good quality ingredients results in a good quality smoothie. It’s as simple as that. Smoothies from Robeks are perfectly blended drinks that just taste great. Another plus to all of this is the calorie count. A medium smoothie will clock in at around 300 calories, a far cry from what you might get at Coldstone Creamery. Not bad.


Price is a bit of a different issue. A medium smoothie will cost you $5.25, extra if you start adding nutritional supplements and more for some select smoothies. This does give you 20 oz, but you definitely don’t want to be getting a smoothie everyday. From a comparison standpoint, however, Robeks is about even with its competitors. At Starbucks, a large frappucino will cost you about $5.00, more if you get a specialty flavor. Coldstone’s ice cream can be had for $5.00 as well. In reality, I would consider products from all these guys “luxury” items: great occasionally, but financially impractical every day.


Most of these smoothies will fill you up. If you are on the run and don’t have time to get actual food, a smoothie is actually a good, healthy substitute for a meal. You’ll be wanting more, but only because they are that fresh and good.


Robeks is a great stop for smoothies. They have a huge variety of drinks and supplements and they use fresh ingredients resulting in great tasting smoothies. The healthy minded among us don’t have to lose sleep thinking about calories and others can still enjoy a great frozen drink. In this heat, its a necessity!



2 comments on “Smoothies: Robeks

  1. nmh
    July 28, 2012

    Robeks is fantastic. I approve. I would like to add that I feel you get more for your money from Robeks than from Starbucks (Though perhaps you might say I am comparing apples and oranges to coffee) and there are a lot of people who buy starbucks everyday.

  2. Alex Bettadapur
    July 30, 2012

    Nolan, thanks for your comment.

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