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From the archivesBennett editing

Bennett reworking a post for The Belly

Bennett edits the blog, galvanizes Yuchen, and performs general quality control. He’s a big fan of atonality,  literature and other hopeless causes. Some other facts about Bennett:

  1. The only poetry collection he owns is Ordinary Sun.
  2. He paid money to see The Room on a theater screen.
  3. He brought plastic spoons.
  4. He has a necro-man-crush on Samuel Beckett.
  5. He slouches.
  6. Wittgenstein reminded him of Nietzsche.
  7. He only wears glasses in pictures.
  8. His floor is covered by dust and books.
  9. He knows more about music theory than you do.
  10. He constantly remembers this this picture of Dali and Ernst.
  11. He stopped reading Stereogum before hipsters knew it existed.
  12. He worships Yuchen, and extols his Buddha-nature to everyone.
  13. He designed a shirt about linguistic anaphora.
  14. He thinks some music sounds better on a night-drive.
  15. He doesn’t want to think about all the things that have been done on his futon.
  16. Wyatt is his brother.
  17. He spent an hour telling us about Paraguay.
  18. He values design.
  19. He prefers characters.
  20. He knows slang is a verb.
  21. He illegally accesses academic databases.
  22. He will rap, after much convincing.
  23. He wanted to be a monk.
  24. Cars scare him.
  25. He used to have the flag code memorized.
  26. He gets in trouble for some of the things he writes.
  27. He edits Wikipedia.
  28. He’s out of shape.
  29. His most impressive body-count at Ci Ci’s: 21.
  30. He pretends to be Jewish.
  31. Ali G always makes him laugh.
  32. He does not have a smartphone.
  33. He watches Ozu and Jarmusch.
  34. He says distinguishing Plato from Play-dough makes you a dualist.
  35. He pretends to be Catholic.
  36. He knows his koans.
  37. He thinks Calibri’s lowercase w is sexy.
  38. He goes to art happenings with his mom
  39. He writes a blog for class.

This list will probably never be complete, but maybe it sketches a pointillist portrait of sorts.


2 comments on “Bennett

  1. G
    January 13, 2012

    I love the “Give the belly a pat.” Very nice touch….. 🙂

  2. nmh
    July 28, 2012

    That photo makes me laugh every time.

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